Special Issue on Citizen Science

The journal Neotropical Hydrobiology & Aquatic Conservation, in alliance with the Citizen Science Network for the Amazon, launched a Call for papers to be included in a special edition on citizen science. This is a unique opportunity to generate information on fish and aquatic habitats at river basin scale, and to engage citizens as informed and empowered actors for the conservation of wetlands and the sustainable management of fisheries.
Articles should present results of research, management and monitoring projects and programs, in different territories and at different scales, that have used or are using the citizen science approach.
We will receive three modalities for publication: original articles, review articles, opinión papers and short comunications.
We invite you to review the detailed author instructions in the following link:
Manuscripts in English, Spanish and Portuguese must be sent to editorial.inia.bolivia@gmail.com until January 20, 2022.

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