Invitation to endorse the Open letter of the Brazilian Citizen Science Network

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Brazilian Citizen Science Network, allow me to send the message below.
We are trying to have support from colleagues abroad who also work with citizen science. Please, feel free to forward this message on to your colleagues who may also have interest in the subject.

Thank you,

Eduardo R. Alexandrino
Instituto Nacional da Mata Atlântica - INMA
Brazilian Citizen Science Network

The Brazilian Citizen Science Network (original name in Portuguese - Rede Brasileira de Ciência Cidadã - RBCC), a popular movement initiated by Brazilian scientists and citizens interested in science, held its I Workshop on 24th and 25th March 2021. The event aimed to promote and expand the citizen science practice in the country. It was performed online and live broadcasted on the Youtube channel of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo. Twenty-two guest speakers and 367 attendees were in the event, which included representatives and practitioners of several Brazilian citizen science initiatives and the general public interested in the subject.

After the event, an Open letter of the Brazilian Citizen Science Network (available in: was written (in Portuguese and English). In summary, it shows the current scenario for citizen science in Brazil and points out barriers that need to be overcome to consolidate this research approach in the country. As the letter talks on behalf of many Brazilian researchers and practitioners in citizen science, it will be used to request changes in Brazilian formal research institutions, funding agencies and even in politics that nowadays hinders citizen science works properly.

If you endorse the content presented in the letter and would like to support us signing it, please access this form: Endorsement of the Open letter of the Brazilian Citizen Science Network (RBCC)

Thank you in advance for your support.

Brazilian Citizen Science Network (Rede Brasileira de Ciência Cidadã - RBCC)

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