¡Feliz Año! :D - Retomando de manera pequeña!

Hola a todes,

Quería retomar un poco las conversaciones que tuvimos a fin de año el año pasado. Despues de un gran trabajo para el poster de la ECSA en medio de una pandemia que nos tiene sobre-cargados emocionalmente y profesionalmente, tuvimos un descanso. En esta retoma de conversaciones, quería abrir la cancha de manera más chiquita de lo que conversamos en diciembre:

(1) Estoy dispuesta de liderar una escritura de lo que presentamos en la ECSA, pero basado basicamente solo en lo que presentamos en la ECSA. Mi propuesta es que autores quedarían igual que en el poster, salvo que gente quisiera sumarse a escribir secciones (en cuanto ahí el orden puede cambiar) o si alguna persona no revise y confirme su participación en la versión final del paper. En cuanto a revista, no tengo preferencia-- sé que habíamos conversado en mandarla o a una revista en español o a la revista del CSA (no veo que ECSA tenga revista?).

(2) Esto significa que no quiero liderar una revisión bibliometrica. Si alguién con más interes en eso quiera liderarlo, por favor, tenemos las búsquedas que hicimos para el poster que se podrían analisar. Mi impresión es que con el número de papers, tendría que ser alguién que realmente le interesaría (he estado involucrada en otra revisión bibliometrica de investigación participativa en biologia/conservación en todos los tropicos, y la verdad que ha sido todo un parto).

Por favor me avisan si están interesados en participar en el “write-up” del poster!
Un abrazo,

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Hi @npiland,

I hope everything is alright.

It has been a very busy time for me and I have not been able to follow the forum. When I saw your message, I felt the need to bring an update.

In the last few months, I have been reading some books on research in Brazil from the 60s to the 80s. I found that at that time a strong movement was emerging called “pesquisa participante” that - in addition to Brazil - it was widespread in South America. There is the Gajardo’s book (1986) on this subject, and an excellent analysis in the book chapter by Brandão (2006), both of which are referenced below. There is a strong relationship of these thread of studies and the works of Orlando Fals Borda that Karen Soacha mentioned in another conversation here at the Forum.

The description of what “pesquisa participante” means is very close to what we currently consider to be in the field of citizen science, participatory science, etc. The “pesquisa participante” term, however, was not included on our list of terms in Portuguese. I examined if including it in our list would make a difference in the search results. The answer is yes. In Portuguese, “pesquisa participante” is the second most common term in SciELO behind only the term “pesquisa ação”. Not only in old articles, the “pesquisa participante” term is widely used in recent articles.

Despite already noticing some major change with the inclusion of this term, it may still be much less than the reality. The reason for this is that, as far as I was able to identify, people who were in this movement were more likely to publish books than articles. So, in SciELO, for example, this sort of literature is not indexed on a large scale. I believe that the same happens in others databases like WoS and Scopus. To test the inclusion in gray literature search, I did a quick google scholar search comparing hits for the term “pesquisa participativa”, which is on our list, and the term “pesquisa participante”, which is not on our list . The difference is very big, there are 7830 hits for “pesquisa participativa” and 24800 hits for “pesquisa participante”. It is an indication that perhaps one of the most important movement of people’s participation in science in Brazil was not being covered in our analysis.

As the analysis done in the mapping was focused on discovering current initiatives and projects, the absence of this term may not have a great effect. However, if you are going to write something taking into account this context of terminology, geographic distribution, and fields, without being restricted to the present (i.e. including articles published in any year), please take this information into account. Anyway, I am not suggesting a change in the plan you have proposed, I am just adding this information that you may not know.

Finally, I am excited to see the long history of the struggle for greater participation of people in research in our region. It is something that sometimes may seem new and recent, but that has already been done by many movements at different times in history.

Take care of yourself and your family. Stay safe.

Lesandro Ponciano


GAJARDO, Marcela. Pesquisa participante na América Latina. São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1986.

OZANIRA, Maria da Silva e Silva. Refletindo a pesquisa participante. São Paulo: Cortez, 1991.

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BRANDÃO, C. R.; STRECK, D. R. Pesquisa participante: o saber da partilha. 2. ed. Aparecida, SP: Idéias & Letras, 2008.

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@lesandrop I didn’t want to leave this unacknowledged-- thank you SO much for sending this my way. This is an important context to have in mind as we move forward, and I really appreciate the thought and work you put into this information. I hope you are also taking care of yourself and your family in these difficult times. Best, Natalia