Earth School - Escuela de la Tierra


Nuestro colegas de la Asociación Australiana de Ciencia Ciudadana (ACSA) nos hacen esta invitación ¿ideas, sugerencias, comentarios?
@diego.torres @jcochero
@mvarese: sería lindo conectar ciencia ciudadana para la Amazonía con los contenidos de esta iniciativa ¿qué opinas?
@Zumbio para pensar en la conexión del grupo de Zotero

Hi RICAP team!

I hope this note finds you all well!

I am working with Anne, Mary, and Caroline (CCed) of creating a citizen science-focused quest for Earth School.

We are quickly on the hunt for a few globally-relevant projects that are coming out of different areas of the world.

In particular, we are hoping to find projects that already have a global uptake, are easy to use, and have open access data. Earth School is focused on nature, but as you can see from quests already up, the types of connections being explored are quite diverse.

Also, I am going to write a note to various association listserves (ACSA, CSA, and ECSA) shortly to let resp[ective memberships know about Earth School, and I wondered if you all would be interested in receiving this information as well, and if so, is this the RICAP email best to use?

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have!