Dimensiones éticas en el Feudalismo Digital

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Dear colleagues,

The increasing use of digital technology in agriculture has marked the start of a major transformation: Better services and products, innovations, enhanced decision making and increased profitability and productivity. But do small holder farmers really benefit equally, or even at all, from the benefits of data sharing? Moreover, do all stakeholders in the agricultural sector have the same access and control to these insights? What concerns do farmers have on such issues as data ownership, access and control, security and privacy?[1]

The rise of Digital Feudalism not only raises questions over who controls, owns and benefits from the value of data, it also raises ethical and legal questions related to privacy, accuracy and accessibility. This, in turn, leads to questions around the rise of digital monopolies and the power imbalance that could create; as well as the resulting data asymmetry and its impact on the global society. It is essential that we advance the dialogue on developing ethical principles and solutions as a means to help address these issues. Digital Feudalism affects many domains, including agriculture.

This article on Ethical dimensions of Digital Feudalism in Agriculture might be of interest. Details at https://www.godan.info/news/ethical-dimensions-digital-feudalism-agriculture

The Agricultural Code of Conduct Toolkit might be of interest. Details at https://www.godan.info/codes

The Sub Group on Data Codes of Conduct led Agriculture Data Code of Conduct initiative [2] is an ongoing project. GODAN invites everyone interested to send feedback, examples of success stories or to get involved by contacting GODAN Data Rights Specialist Foteini Zampati [Foteini.Zampati@godan.info] and joining the GODAN Data Rights and Responsible Data Working Group. Details at https://www.godan.info/pages/data-rights-and-responsible-data-working-group

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Dr. Suchith Anand

Chief Scientist

Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition


[1] https://www.godan.info/news/godan-blog-codes-conduct-better-ag-data-management

[2] https://www.godan.info/working-groups/sub-group-data-codes-conduct

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